VATSolve is a South African-developed solution designed to address specific challenges associated with VAT regulation, complexity and compliance. We are fully committed to helping finance departments increase productivity, drive efficiencies, optimise cash positions and reduce risk.

VATSolve’s smart solution provides organisations with the ability to automate time-consuming, manual processes associated with VAT calculations and submissions. We provide built-in controls to ensure compliance and adherence to governance, and ensure organisations optimise cash flow through the correct allocation to VAT periods, avoiding any over or under stated payments.

Our solution is tailored towards finance and accounting teams, so is user-friendly, intuitive and familiar. It offers full visibility of data and provides insight into the level of detail required for complete accuracy, transparency and compliance.

VATSolve has been developed as a modular system to cater for the different requirements of organisations. This enables a company to choose the correct modules of VATSolve’s solution that will enhance your current capabilities and deliver the required business benefits. Our solution delivers all VAT reporting and analysis requirements in a safe, secure and fully automated environment.

Our system is fully compatible with SAP, enabling easy integration and interoperability.  VATSolve can immediately become part of your company’s finance software ecosystem. The software can be installed within a few hours and without business disruption or downtime.




Alan Sutton

Chief Executive Officer

Alan has over 35 years’ experience in developing, deploying, customising and utilising technology to improve financial operations within large organisations. With a background in finance and business, Alan saw the potential of technology to provide better controls, increase transparency and compliance and improve resource utilisation. He began successfully digitising and automating financial functions over 30 years ago and has had an excellent track record since then. 

Alan has worked at a number of organisations in South Africa and the UK. He has notched up both consultancy and in-house experience through working with accounting houses, large international corporates and technology companies, including the likes of Deloitte, British Gas, Unidata, Dimension Data, Preworx and DNS Group. He is a founding partner of VATSolve. Alan is a Chartered Accountant, passing the final qualifying exam in 1988. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Rhodes University 1984), Bachelor of Accounting Science (UNISA 1985) and Bachelor of Accounting Science (Hons) (UNISA, 1987).

Clive Rieker

Senior Business Development Executive

Clive is a founding partner of VATSolve and has over 46 years’ experience developing and selling ICT solutions that solve business issues/challenges. Clive established and ran a successful software applications business, Magic Software (Pty) Ltd, for 15 years, which one of our current executive team members, Desiree Edwards, subsequently took over and ran for a further 12 years. He combines his technical background and qualifications with sound business and financial acumen to tackle business challenges with sound technology solutions.  He has worked with large South African organisations and introduced technology solutions for finance departments. This has driven efficiencies, boosted productivity and ensured greater compliance. Prior to founding VATSolve he worked at a number of companies in sales and management positions, including Philips Data Systems, Philips Electronic Equipment, SAP recruitment, DNS Group, Dimension Data and Preworx.

Clive holds a Bachelor of Commerce (UNISA 1974), Diploma in Technical Electronics (Witwatersrand University, 1969) and various technical certifications and qualifications in Microsoft and Cisco technologies. 

Carol Broad

Senior Software Development Executive

Carol is a technologist with over 26 years’ experience as a developer and is a founding partner of VATSolve.   She has worked as both a developer and systems analyst within large corporate organisations as well as in the public sector and is highly qualified across multiple technologies and platforms. Prior to VATSolve, Carol held positions at Eskom, Somerset Software Systems, Pin Point Software, Traces TV License Inspector, the Ugandan government, MaganStarr Entertainment and Preworx.

Carol obtained a National Diploma in Computer Data Processing in 1989 and holds numerous certifications and qualifications, including: Flexgen, FCS-EPS, Lotus 123 MS Dos, UNIX, Windows and Microsoft.

Desiree Edwards

Partner and VAT Consultant

Desiree has over 27 years’ experience working in the ICT industry and is a founding partner of VATSolve. A highly qualified technologist, Desiree combines her systems analyst skills with a deep understanding of the VAT environment as well as business challenges. This ensures clients are leveraging the full capabilities of VATSolve’s product. Desiree also co-owned and then owned a successful Software Applications business, Magic Software (Pty) Ltd, for a period of 12 years. Her knowledge of the finance department, its role in driving business growth and specifically the responsibilities of VAT teams, enables her to ensure that VATSolve’s product is understood as a business tool which propels efficiencies, productivity and compliance.

Desiree holds an International Certificate in Computer Programming, Data Processing and Systems Analystfrom Van Zyl & Pritchard and a wealth/wide range of certifications and qualifications including: Lotus, MS Dos, Windows and Microsoft Office.


We are so confident that our solution delivers exceptional service and achieves what it sets out to do, that we offer a try before you buy for any qualifying clients.

Under a confidentiality agreement, we take two or three months of your company’s recent VAT transaction data and demonstrate to you - real time - the full functionality and capabilities of VATSolve including the:

  • Speed at which data can be imported, integrated, analysed and reports produced
  • Depth and breadth of data, visibility and transparency
  • Level of control and embedded governance
  • Benefits to the business, including productivity (though automation which eliminates manual processes), cash flow optimisation (real monetary value savings), compliance (IT14SD requirements satisfied) and VAT201s populated automatically

The concept of ‘Try before you buy’ is a proof of concept we offer qualifying clients following an initial discussion with a positive intent to procure our solution.