It often amazes me when I interact with different stakeholders in an organisation how so few of them speak about ‘We’ or ‘Our’. So, I want to say, even though it isn’t your money, and you are only an employee, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t behave like a shareholder.

Everything you do in your job; you should do as if you own the company. Everything should be in the interest of both the stakeholders and the shareholders. This includes treatment of value-added tax, and just because it isn’t your money, you shouldn’t have to act any differently.

Let’s look at it. You have people who do VAT, but they are worried about the risk of penalties but don’t care about the opportunity of saving money for the Company. But if I had to say to you, you could still mitigate any risks and make EXTRA money, what would you say?

What would stop anyone, whether a stakeholder or shareholder from making more money? So, I challenge you, see what your needs are and then ask yourself is it in the interest of the shareholders?

Are you paying your VAT too early? Why not pay it at the right time so your organisation can benefit too!! I like to call that a win-win.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below and until next time – think like a shareholder!

Alan Sutton

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